Музыка 6-го эпизода «Nick» 6-го сезона Skins

Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up
Digital Appalachia – Tear Down The Walls
Johnny Flynn – Lost And Found
Aphex Twin – Jynweythek
Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love
F.O.O.L. – We’re Not French
Vena Cava – Sleep
Segal – Jambdad
Woolford and Psycatron – Stolen
Mum – Dancing Behind My Eyelids
Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes
Honour Before Glory – Monochrome In Sunshine
Surgeon – Returning Of The Purity Of The Current
Rich James – Hypno-Ties
King Creosote, Jon Hopkins – Your Own Spell
The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love


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